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Our mission is straight forward
To provide comprehensive event marketing services and expertise with the integrity and competence required to establish long-term relationships.
Each of our clients has the advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of event marketing, sponsorship management and promotion development.
Event Marketing
At Beyond Borders, we have found that many brands are recognizing that event marketing provides a better return on investment than any other event strategy.

The opportunity for customers to interact with a company’s product or service at an experiential marketing event can be more impactful than any TV ad they might see, or radio spot they might hear.
We believe that in the competitive world of building brand identity, event marketing provides a unique edge to engage customers in that one on-one hand-to-hand marketing experience.
Event Activation
At Beyond Borders, we believe that event activation is a two step process; pre-event implementation and on-site execution. In the first phase, our commitment is to creatively strategize brand building tactics. On site, our field marketing team allows clients the opportunity to interact with customers face-to-face at the grassroots level, creating important brand impressions and brand messaging which can be converted into sales.
We have the experiential marketing experience to manage all pre-event communication and event activation logistics to ensure your event marketing program is on-target and on-schedule.
It’s all about opening doors. But opening the right doors, to the right audience, and at the right time. That defines effective event access.
But opening the door is just the beginning - effective event access means matching consumer demographics and geography to the event, while ensuring the event is both relevant and popular with consumers, so ROI strategies can be executed.
Our longevity in the business & long-standing relationships with event managers and venues both regionally and across the country allows us to work with our clients to determine the best avenues to execute effective marketing programs. Now that’s access.
Well sure, we opened the right door to the right event, and even got inside, but now we have to deliver. In short, activation means capitalizing on the opportunities each event offers our clients.
At Beyond Borders, we believe that activating a marketing program is a two step process; pre-event implementation and on-site execution. First, we design a plan to use all available event assets to creatively bring our clients’ brands to life with face-to-face consumer experiences, while creating tactics that will increase marketing penetration and sales. Then, on-site, and through related retail and media promotions, our field marketing team professionally and seamlessly executes the plan.
Creative. Professional. Accountable. Our experience and effective communication ensures your marketing program is on-target and on-schedule.
Generating awareness is simply a means to an end.

By design, successful activation strategies can generate brand and product awareness that in turn increases sales, or with specific consumer education campaigns, can simply deliver critical messaging to impact desired consumer response.

While working with Beyond Borders, at events, our clients have direct exposure to consumers to gain awareness necessary to impact their sales and marketing goals.

Consumers have the benefit of an interactive experience, “grass-roots style.” Creating awareness with impact.